Bed Bugs live in hotels.

Hotels accommodate visitors such as business people and vacationers. And that’s a perfect opportunity for bed bugs to move on to another place of residence. They’ll just hitch a ride in a hotel guests’ luggage, for example, and be on their way to their new home – wherever the guests return after their stay at the hotel.

Breeding Ground - Hotels are like airports for bed bugs.

There is constant traffic, and all the luggage and clothing give them plenty of options to hop aboard to their next destination. And there are beds in every room, which makes hotels an ideal place for bed bugs to feed and multiply. So, more than any other location, hotels need to be monitored and checked regularly for bed bugs not only because of the high volume of visitors, but because there is so much at risk. An infestation in a single room can cripple the business once word gets out. It only takes one occurrence for a hotel to be added to an internet Bed Bug Registry, where the information is public and can be viewed by anyone, including potential guests.

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