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Bed bugs live in all kinds of places.

Bed bugs are found everywhere. Whether it’s a residence, a motel, a school, or even a well-kept office. They do not discriminate. Unsuspecting people are usually responsible for a bed bug’s migration, as they hide in luggage, furniture and clothing. Should one ever find its way onto your property, Illinois Bed Bug Dog wants you to be prepared. And being prepared could be the difference between a small issue solved quickly or a disaster such as loss of clientele, your property listed on a Bed Bug Registry or loss of revenue and lawsuits.

Locations We Service

Apartment Complex
How Illinois Bed Bug Dog services are used.

At Illinois Bed Bug Dog, we implement a thorough plan of detection, elimination and prevention. Should Nyx detect bed bugs at your location, we then will apply a four-step application of heat and chemicals to eliminate the insects. That’s followed by our ongoing service and inspection to make sure the bed bugs don’t return.

Be prepared with our Bed Bug Emergency Prevention Plan.

To prepare you in the event that your location has bed bugs, Illinois Bed Bug Dog has a free, step-by-step emergency plan that you can follow. It will help mitigate the problem, give you intermediate resolution, minimize damage and stop possible litigation against you. Click here for your free prevention plan.

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