Finding the bed bug in your bedroom is even harder than finding one on this page.

Don't feel bad if you couldn't find the bed bug. People are only about 30% effective. But Nyx is up to 98% effective. She's a fox terrier who's had 800 hours of bed bug detection training. So if your location has bed bugs, she'll find them. And we'll get rid of them.

Infestation Map

Top Infested Cities in the US

(Alphabetical order

  • • Chicago
  • • Cincinnati
  • • Columbus
  • • Detroit
  • • New York

As you can see, Chicago is among America's bed bug hotspots. Greater Chicagoland and its outskirts are no less infested.

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Man's Best Friends, Bed Bugs' Worst Enemy.

Despite 30 years of exterminating experience in the Chicagoland areas, the most valuable member of our bed bug detection team is a fox terrier named Nyx. Having logged over 1,000 hours, she continues to train seven days a week to keep her bed bug detection skills in top form. In fact, a thorough bed bug inspection by a seasoned professional offers only a 30% accuracy. Nyx boasts up to a 98% accuracy. Illinois Bed Bug Dog will find your problem then treat the area with safe, organic pesticides in the quickest, most cost-effective means possible.

Are You Prepared?

Bed bugs bites, multiply, repeat. That's it. Once one enters your building or residence, the problem only gets bigger and more difficult to treat the longer you wait to act. And worse, once a guest or tenant is affected, your building can be added to a Bed Bug Registry, ultimately affecting your business. Even lawsuits are common. A Bed Bug Prevention Strategy is the most important tool you can have, which Illinois Bed Bug Dog will provide — at no cost to you.

For more about everything you need to know about bed bugs; how they spread, where they hide, why the epidemic is making an international comeback and other pertinent information that will only better prepare you in preventing or managing an infestation, see more of our "bed bug bits" that follow.

Bed Bug Biology.

Another important tool in preventing a bed bug infestation is an understanding of them. Did you know bed bugs actually live longer with an inadequate food supply than they do with an available blood host? Knowing where to look, what to look for, and when to act will save you time and money.

Bed Bug Biological Bits.

Bed bugs actually live longer without an adequate food supply than they do with available food. Ands, because bed bugs are nocturnal, they search for quiet undisturbed places to settle. They usually stay put unless they're provoked by any of the following:

  • • Furniture moving
  • • Improper pesticide application
  • • Food shortage
  • • Vacuuming

Here's why bed bugs are making a comeback:

  • • Reduced use of pesticides
  • • Discontinued use of certain pesticides
  • • Ineffective pesticides
  • • Second-hand furniture and clothing

Can bed bugs spread disease?

Bed bugs have been found to carry as many as 28 different pathogens, however, research has yet to show that bed bugs can transfer diseases to people.

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Bed Bug Specimens

At Illinois Bed Bug Dog, we implement a thorough plan of detection, elimination, and prevention. Should Nyx detect bed bugs at your location, we then will apply a four-step application of heat and chemicals to eliminate the insects. That's followed by our ongoing service and inspection to make sure they don't return.

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