Bed Bugs live in homes.

In residences, bed bugs typically like to nestle into a bed. Usually, it's in the mattress. They're often detectable by tiny brown spots around the creases of the mattress. But bed bugs can also be very comfortable in picture frames, dressers, chairs, and cracks in the walls.

An Unwelcome Houseguest

If you stay somewhere with a roach problem or a wasp nest, may be a nuisance. But you can at least solve the problem by leaving the premises. The difference with bed bugs is bed bugs will go home with you. These "hitchhikers" travel easily in luggage and clothing to homes like yours without the carriers even knowing it. Then, it's straight to the bedrooms. The biting, itching and anxiety gets to a point where it affects you 24 hours a day. Illinois Bed Bug Dog can tell you how to prevent it from getting to that point should a bed bug ever enter your home.

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